Spot-welded wire meshes

That’s what we do. Since 1931.

The company Draht Müller GmbH & Co. KG in Dülmen is not the typical storage and list mesh supplier of spot-welded wire meshes. Rather we are a manufacturer of individual wire meshes according to your individual wishes and needs, always considering the economically optimal solution for you.

We distinguish ourselves not only as a supplier for the processing industries but also as a manufacturer of end products. Our grids find their use in fence-, shelf- and pallet construction, in gabions and stone baskets, in animal farming and construction industry as well as in separation and safety grids of every kind, such as in the field of extraction technology.

To produce spot-welded wire meshes we use raw/ blank-, ripped, galvanized, zinc-aluminum-coated and stainless-steel wires in different qualities.

Furthermore, we offer various coatings (hot-dip galvanizing or colored coatings) and surface finishing (pickling and passivation or electro-polishing).


Workmanship, our success factor for generations.

Our more than 80 employees counting team produces at Baumschulenweg in Dülmen, Germany, on a plant area of currently more than 8.000 m² high quality spot-welded wire meshes. The modern machine park enables the production of individual demands. Mechanically least minimal tolerances and efficient work flows guarantee highest quality with optimal efficiency. Weld spot per weld spot.

The Draht Müller Wellengitter GmbH manufactures with 8 employees in Billerbeck, Germany, on a plant area of 3.000 m² individualized crimp screens and an own paper- and wastebasket program. Crimp screens can, beyond the common materials for spot-welded wire meshes, additionally be made out of aluminum wires and selected aluminum pipes.

History & Philosophy

A long company history and current values.