From the past into the future.

The company Draht Müller was founded in 1931 by Georg Jakob Müller and was family-owned in fourth generation by Michael Müller. The current company headquarter was occupied in the 1950s and has been continuously expanded since then.

The last plant expansions took place in 1997 and 2001. In these years the hall spaces have been doubled. Further enlargements will follow. 

In January 2016, the paper and waste baskets division was outsourced.


Since August 23rd 2021, Draht Müller GmbH & Co. KG has been part of the Lichtgitter Group based in Stadtlohn. With our products, we will continue to expand the market position of the Lichtgitter Group and thus represent a strategically rational addition to the holdings in Germany and abroad. 

We operate our production facilities in halls of approx. 8,000 square meters in Dülmen. In addition to Mr. Lutz Schürmann, Mr. Dirk Brütsch, who is already managing director of the Lichtgitter Group, will drive the company's further strategic direction.