Team work makes the difference.

Quality is tradition at Draht Müller. We stand for high quality products for more than 80 years. Our customers’ satisfaction is the maxim on which we align the obviousness of our quality policy and all measures to maintain and improve our product and performance quality.

We fulfill our customers’ demands using all our specialized know-how in wire application and our technical realization possibilities. Our high grade of technical facilities and automation allows us to guarantee a premium, quality complied and economical production.

Our quality management system is the basis to ensure these requirements.

Our employees in the commercial and technical departments are aware of their responsibility and act according to these quality policies. Open communication, short and direct decision-making processes as well as the employees’ motivation and their identification with their tasks and the company promote the understanding of quality.

Quality-related disturbances concerning material and production as well as bottlenecks in manufacturing logistics are immediately reported by our employees which will be followed by a direct solution of the situation. Improvements of the technical and organizational quality are constantly made by the responsible employees and executives during daily business and appropriate measures are initiated right the way.

Draht Müllers' quality policy the guideline for the commitment of all employees.

The implementation of the companies’ quality policy happens after the guidelines in our quality manual. It describes the procedures for the commercial and the technical departments, like:

  • the quality compliance in every processing stage
  • the consistent measurement and testing
  • the procedure quality of manufacturing and logistics

Furthermore, every performing employee is self-responsible for her or his tasks. For important processing steps, additionally the “dual-control principal” takes place, for example for production approval after setting up specific machines.

The incoming and outgoing goods control is the first or last step of our quality management.